Engagement on all levels is not a good social media strategy

Stumbled across a blog entry from eConsultancy by Matt Owen. I thought I might post it because it articulates the space we’re in with social media — “be everywhere” versus “be where it’s most strategically relevant”. I’ve pulled a few nuggets and have also given a POV as warranted.

– Regardless of platform, audience, subject or industry, social media is about engagement.
– It’s about fostering a valuable, long-term relationship with your customer.
– At its heart social media represents a chance to develop and expand new relationships, a core tenet of successful B2Bs.

– Different channels should be viewed as part of a larger ecosphere of available touchpoints. If I want to contact a friend I might phone them. Or email, or tweet, or text. Just because I speak to someone on Facebook less than by SMS it doesn’t change the nature of the overall relationship or the depth of trust.
Alix Co. thought: not yet …

– When we look at it this way, it becomes obvious that the more you engage at all levels, the greater value you’ll receive.
Alix Co. thought: I disagree … think strategy for engagement is imperative for long-term success, otherwise you’re just throwing darts with no skill / conversating with no POV.

– A social media manager’s first responsibility should be to craft a strategy / determine which platforms are useful for the company / understand how is the company currently involved in social media?
– Which platforms do you currently use, and more importantly, are they the right ones? Are you on Facebook because it’s
useful, or because it’s the biggest network and you think you should be?
Alix Co. thought: disconnect to previous thought above re: “… the more you engage at all levels, the greater value you’ll receive.”