Monthly Archives: December 2010

Consumer Benefit

I recently had a visit with a local planning director. He offered me tea from their cabinet of boxed tea selections and I selected ‘green tea’. He shared with me that the green tea and another were the most popular and that the other varieties were hardly ever selected. I recall wondering, perhaps out loud, why that was… […]

Membership/Interaction/& Behavioral Economics

On Tuesday, I sent an email to inquire about registration difficulty for a 4A’s webinar on the topic of “Behavioral Economics: Small Change, Big Difference: Learn how to apply the principles of behavioral economics, allow small changes to make a big difference to consumer behavior”. It’s a fantastic topic that I’ve had on my radar given a recent Alix Co. contract and just […]

Global Development Over the Last 200 Years

Statistics come to life when Swedish academic superstar Hans Rosling graphically illustrates global development over the last 200 years.

The Role of the Creative Technologist

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: The Role of the Creative Technologist View more presentations from Boulder Digital Work at CU.

Tweet and Retweet, but why?

Sharing is such a lovely thing, but why do we share? PSFK posted sharables on sharing today: From Social Times: 7 Factors That Drive People To Share Content With Their Social Networks “When you see content online, be it a video, an image, a game or a blog post, what is it that entices you to […]