Monthly Archives: March 2011

About ordinary influencers on Twitter

Duncan Watts, principal research scientist at Yahoo Research, mentions that marketers may get better results if they reach out to a large number of “ordinary influencers” rather than one high-profile person on Twitter. The article’s premise surrounds the influential prowess of celebrities (an interesting read) and refers to a study conducted by Yahoo Research (a […]

Twitter and Real Life

Today, in the Wall Street Journal via Twitter, I read a piece by Katherine Rosman titled, ‘When Twitter Gets in the Way of Real Life‘. It’s a great read in that it speaks to the private nature of Twitter in relationships. It starts, “There are certain relationship flashpoints: smoking, for instance, or religion, or money. […]

SXSW Turns 25

An excellent article in The Alcalde regarding the history of SXSW… – I did not know that SXSW was connected to Austin’s The Chronicle – Louis Black’s story is inspiring; he speaks candidly about ‘not fitting in’

Twitter turns five today

Here’s the very first tweet-

Why Facebook ?

Had a great conversation yesterday with a marketing director who is consistently facing the “we want Facebook” situation. The story goes that advertisers are being asked by their clients to create Facebook pages and campaigns “because we want it”. While that is all good, the opportunity falls in the ability to link client Facebook wants […]

“The emergence of an internet…”

An excellent interview with Facebook’s Global Brand Experience Manager, Paul Adams. It’s so good, I’ve copied all of the text below directly from the article. I’ve highlighted two sentences with the key nuggets. Q:  How is social media design lacking? How can it be improved? Paul Adams: I’m not sure we should even start with […]