Monthly Archives: December 2011

Beyond social media ‘crap chatter’

Marketers are struggling to foster deep social media connections with consumers. Perhaps it’s time for a little strategic planning. Here’s the deal- 1) Behavior is based on motivation. 2) Despite the proliferation of social media options, social behavior has not changed. I speak to folks a lot about this. IMO, social media behavior reflects actual […]

AlixCompany- a snapshot of our services

More about our deliverables via the About AlixCompany doc-

AlixCompany in 2011 & 2012 Goals

On Thursday, I attended a small business event which inspired me to create a brief run-down of 2011 progress, wins, lessons, and AlixCompany goals for 2012. I see great things for AlixCompany in the coming year and do hope you will continue to read and join me as it happens. Progress: The year started off with […]