Monthly Archives: April 2012

Trust with a twist of kind, please

Brand Asset Consulting’s (BAC) John Gerzema shares his presentation from a recent Bazaarvoice Social Summit. BAC’s been tracking the attitudes and behaviors of ‘spend shifters’ and TRUST is popping to the top when looking at brand equity builders. The presentation shares new priorities and expectations for brands alongside other trust-y bits. View the full presentation:  […]

Mountaintop people

I’ve had a consistent yoga practice for over four years. At first it was all about trying something new. As I’ve continued my practice, I’ve noticed some consistent behavioral things, some of which I like and others that I don’t agree with. The bucket of non-agreeance is grounded in a ‘mountaintop people’ thought based on my experience with a few yoga teachers at […]

“If you ignore your uniqueness and try to be everything for everybody, you quickly undermine what makes you different.” -Jack Trout