Monthly Archives: November 2012

2013 SXSW Interactive Selects

Thought I’d do a little analysis on the 2013 SXSW Interactive selects. I’m working through the selections as data to compile insights from the proposals selected. The part that will take me the longest is copying the submitted proposals (3256 total) into Excel. From there I’d like to provide some insight based on who got […]

#HCHD2013 interest?

AlixCompany didn’t make it in to SXSW Interactive. Feedback from SXSW included, “Your session was up against some other strategy related sessions that were a bit stronger and we felt this wasn’t enough to cover a workshop, yet was too broad to be a one hour session.” And, the major GoDaddy (my host) outage on […]

AlixCompany on your radar

Sent out this mailer to 986 of my closest contacts. Please click-through for a brief description of services and add your email to our mailing list, if you’d like, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the mailer.                   Mailer link: