Introducing YASS from AlixCompany

YASS name

A search using keywords “young affluent” finds that researchers have paid attention to the Young Affluent Smart Segment (YASS), especially in recent years. Below is some information AlixCompany collected to offer you a brief introduction to existing findings in this niche. [Charts are clickable for prime viewability]

From Census secondary data:

Census YASS





Existing definitions of the cohort in today’s marketplace are summarized as follows:


AlixCompany is an early identifier and namer of the segment and our services support your ‘just right customized’ needs. Interested in YASS? Let us assist you in getting smart with the segment. Our perfect client includes:

  1. Startups who have an interest in positioning in this segment;
  2. Brands who want to develop a new market with new product lines;
  3. Companies looking to rebrand or refresh current branding efforts;
  4. Agencies who are working with brands currently connected to the niche.

AlixCompany’s YASS offering provides advance insight into this market, making you an immediate expert in the young affluent marketplace. We can offer you services in areas including market potential, consumer insights, competitor analysis, and short to long-term strategy.