Today someone I work with is turning 25. I was 13 when he was born-

On my 25th birthday I’d been in NYC for four months.

At four months, I was working as a receptionist off Fashion Ave and at a bar as the door girl for bands on the weekends off 7th and C. Biggest priority was the ability to pay rent.

Fashion Avenue was fascinating to me because of the personalities and the sexuality. My big boss was running into doors checking out the new intern and colleagues. I’d never experienced that.

It was early fall at four months and I’d just moved from Greenpoint, Brooklyn to Astoria, Queens. I’d truly lucked out by reconnecting with a friend from high school. She and another girl were looking for a place to live together and they let me in on that. The three of us moved into a 2nd fl apartment at the end of Ditmars Blvd. We were at the time very likely debating on ‘investing in cable TV’ as to save money on weekends. I believe my room was 10×10. I slept on an AeroBed.

That November was my first Thanksgiving away from home – which was fantastic because it meant four types of potatoes for us! We invited friends over and set no rules or menu – so, naturally everyone brought their favorite type of potatoes. Potato freedom! Ha.

It was a wonderful dinner — less the con artist. As it turns out, one invitee from Texas was discovered to be a total, for real, con. And a con I’d been connected to through association for three years or so. Turns out he was never registered at The University of Texas [bought books, attended classes, was in study groups, etc.] and was significantly older than he claimed. He dated a good friend of mine for a couple of months. He was leaning in to be Treasurer for our local alumni group chapter…

In December, I’d interview for the job of my life and in January I’d start that job at Young & Rubicam off Madison Ave.