A plug for Google Voice

Over the last few days I’ve been researching adding a telephone line. The ideal for me is to have a 512 number in addition to my 917 number that goes to my ‘all location’ Blackberry. I learned from Verizon that I would need to purchase a new line and a new phone. I could then forward the number to my 917 number for only $30 something a month (plus the cost of a new phone). I called Time Warner and same sort of deal- new phone plan and I could forward the new 512 number.

Today, was decision day. I called Verizon to give the go mentioning to the rep everything that I needed- to add a new phone line with a 512 area code. She repeated, “so you are looking to replace your 917 number?” NO! This was not what I was asking to do — surely, there had to be a better way.

Insert Google Voice. My search for simple led me to the simple place — Google, where I discovered Google Voice. With the click of one or two buttons I was given a 512 number. With a few more clicks, I forwarded that number to my Blackberry where the 917 also lives and activated the voicemail option. In tinkering with it some today, I found a very neat feature – text voicemail. WHAT A TIME SAVER. I now get voicemail messages (all – both 917 and 512 number) delivered to my text box. No more wondering what the lingering message says when I can’t get to it right away …

Google Voice