Ad agencies are about…


Ideas that spark creative. Ideas that inspire action. Ideas that motivate sales.

I’ve been a part of advertising for over 15 years now and have a unique perspective. Mostly unique because I get to pop around various agencies- as a researcher and as a planner. I also get to sit client side for qual and quant work when marketers reach out to me directly. And, I studied Advertising- as an undergrad and in postgrad.

At the end of the day, we’re all circling around finding ideas, insights, and/or knowledge.

I’ve been hearing:

As long as agencies keep ‘client service’ as the biggest deal… As long as agencies connect the big idea to business goals… As long as agencies have a digital offering…

I think it’s more like… As long as agencies keep a firm grip on owning ideas that spark action and incite sales.

We’ve always been about ‘ideas = sales’ in advertising. At the end of the day “ideas that sell” is the big one thing for branding/ad/communication agencies.