AlixCompany deploys ‘Operation Goldilocks’ within the communication industry

We’re putting in a deeper stake within ‘just right customized’ offerings by deploying ‘Operation Goldilocks’. The premise is simple:

(1) Agencies can be cost prohibitive.
(2) Smaller consultancies offer piecemeal solutions giving you one thing or the other, but can lag on integration and big picture thinking.
(3) The use of contract personnel offers access to more diverse and specialized talent for today’s ever-evolving communication needs.
(4) A networked/collective oriented approach is the future.

AlixCompany aims to change the too hot/too cold, too hard/too soft, too high/too low marketplace situation of the communication industry by offering advertisers and marketers smart, ‘just right customized’ solutions for understanding and truly connecting with consumers in today’s marketplace. What makes us special is our ability to provide five star integrated strategic planning solutions that are custom tailored to be just right for your specific marketing needs and goals.

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