AlixCompany and the Young Affluent Smart Segment (YASS)

YASS placardWhen a brand’s development reaches a bottleneck and growth slows down, frequently due to market saturation, a new strategy is needed to push the company forward. Increasing market share within the already established target audience is repeatedly the first go-to move by many. However, increasing use of a product/ service or stealing market share from a competitor can prove to be a futile effort, not to mention very costly. An often overlooked strategy is to branch out and look toward untapped niche markets. By finding an additional target audience, a company can create a whole new market segment filled with potential for growth.

Young Affluent Smart Segment (YASS) is just such a largely untapped segment. Based on our secondary research, AlixCompany defines YASS as the cohort at 25 -34 years of age with incomes over $100,000 per year. They have the capability as well as willingness to live a high-quality life and show love to the ones they cherish through consumption.

Looking at specific age groups, the table Money Income of Households—Distribution by Income Level and Selected Characteristics: 2009 indicates that the median household income for young adults, aged 25 to 34 years was $50,199. In this age group, the cohort earning more than $100,000 per year accounts for 16.25%. According to The Geographic Concentration of High-Income Households: 2007–2011, issued February 2013, most high-income households live in high-population counties, especially along the coasts. This could be a huge opportunity for your company to delve into.

Develop the untapped niche before your competitors and you will discover new market value. If we can assist to design a customized primary research study with YASS front and center, please just ask.