An AlixCompany Dialogue: SXSWInteractive 2013 Proposal Trends

SXSW 2013 has concluded and my analysis of SXSWInteractive 2013 proposal trends is also nearing an end. This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with Lien Lea Merritt, President of White Label Analytics, LLC. Both Lien Lea and I volunteered our time and brains for this independent analysis and I’d like to thank her again here for her willingness to work with me on the scope. Together we were able to pull forward several interesting insights. I hope the results help others gain knowledge from the trends we discovered for general proposal based programming knowledge and also for future proposal writing prowess. Lastly, I do have more data and am working through an insight report with these additional findings. Aiming to have those posted here on the blog later this week.

Please find below the link to our 35 minute Dialogue and also the link to the topline report we used as a backdrop to our conversation. I recommend you upload the PDF before pushing play to listen to the Dialogue. If you’re new to the blog and my Dialogues, I should point out all Dialogues are housed here on the blog (page right on blog homepage, see ‘Quick Blog Links’ and then ‘Dialogues’). This one will be up there shortly (if it’s not already!).

** AlixCompany Dialogue with Lien Lea Merritt (click here)

** Link to topline report we use as a backdrop for our discussion