Intent of this blog

This blog (aka ‘Dialogue’) has been created to provide perspective. Perspective comes from all over and we’ll throw some content darts around with the intent of providing sticky thoughts. We are also eager to share and help spread the good word with happenings in the Account Planning and Strategy space. That’s where the idea for the recorded ‘Dialogues’ came about.

Re: Dialogues:
Interview topics will vary. Each will feature a conversation with a thought leader in a now space. Specific conversation information, including questions asked of each interviewee, will be promoted here, through LinkedIn, and also via my mailing list ( to sign up). Conversations will be taped and offered here for 24/7, at your leisure listening. Click here to listen to what’s been recorded already and click on ‘Dialogues’ to the right [under Quick Blog Links] for the same list of what’s been recorded to date.

If you would like to suggest a topic or recommend an interviewee, please reach out to me via email at, or by posting a comment on this blog. I will follow up on all requests and posted recommendations.