Building real community- a checklist

I intend on sharing pieces from John Gerzema’s book Spend Shift once I’ve completely finished it- here’s something that couldn’t wait…

As we continue to define the value of digital connectivity (and really connections in general), we might ought to revisit what real connections look like. John mentions on p85, Douglas Atkin’s community checklist of which I’ve listed the contents below. The chapter also references an excellent article in Forbes from 2/2010 by Douglas on “tips for attracting ecstatic followers who will spread your brand gospel”.

The deeper the connection goes and the more that people understand one another and what values they have or what goal they share; then the closer you get to a true community. Community checklist:
-Does it satisfy a real need? Do its members learn more, have more fun, get more done or get support?
-Does it have a clearly articulated purpose?
-Is it clear about who belongs and who doesn’t?
-Is there interaction between members?
-Are there enduring relationships formed between members that go beyond the original reason for connecting?
-Do they contribute, do they participate, do they work together to achieve the common purpose? Being an audience is not a community.
-Do they feel responsibility for each other and the community at large?
-Are there roles, responsibilities and jobs performed by the membership?
-Is it self-policing? Do people censure or eject unruly or unreasonable members?
-Are there guidelines, rules, or norms of behavior?