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The Impact of ChatGPT

Let’s look at the impact of ChatGPT in business alongside several statistics. 1. Statistics Reflecting Rapid Adoption  Recent statistics indicate a substantial surge in the adoption of ChatGPT in the business realm. With a significant user base in the United States, where 14.82% of the traffic to the ChatGPT website originates, it’s evident that American […]

Decoding the Customer’s Journey

In the intricate world of business, understanding and having a communications funnel in place is paramount. Our awareness, consideration, usage, and preference (ACUP) funnel represents the systematic stages a potential customer traverses before arriving at the pivotal decision to make a purchase. Let’s delve into the key stages and unveil the latest statistics shaping the […]

Exploring the Rise of Premium Food Items in the American Market

In recent years, the food industry has witnessed a significant shift towards premiumization, where consumers increasingly seek high-quality, premium food items to elevate their culinary experiences. Let’s delve into the latest statistics and trends surrounding premium food items in the American market to understand the dynamics of this growing phenomenon. Global Outlook of the Premium […]

Beyond the Webb Space Telescope’s Photos

The dawn of a new era in astronomy is here. Today, we got the first look at the full capabilities of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, a partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency). If you’d like to go beyond the photos, check out this Podcast [and transcript] on ‘People I (Mostly) […]

The Role of Planning Isn’t to Inspire Creatives

Today, I discovered the Podcast ‘On Strategy Showcase’ through a LinkedIn post about Martin Weigel’s interview. The post said, “the role of Planning isn’t to inspire creatives, but to POINT imagination and resources to the right tasks that matter… we need more conversations that get the industry focused on usefulness, not just inspiration.” To which […]

My Covid Cat

It was in April 2020 when my neighbor alerted me that she had seen my indoor cat outdoors running around. This couldn’t be true for several reasons – most of all because if the cat gets out, I’m usually running around trying to catch it. A few days later, I saw the cat she thought […]