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PSFK says:

Proposing to help resolve the need for real-time curation is, a soon-to-launch Twitter curation tool that facilitates cataloging and sharing collections of messages on any topic. How it works: create a collection (say, ‘networked objects’) and drag related Tweets into it, or use the service’s new Chrome Extension to curate Tweets right from Twitter web pages. You can then share your collections, embed them on a web page and subscribe to the collections of other users. will let you mix multiple media together – not just Tweets – and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface will allow for reordering and prioritization. It will also be embed-able in blog posts, so that content tracked by can be distributed back into Twitter and Facebook. seems to understand how people use the web and current tools like Twitter to inform themselves, how they share this content with others – and the value to be found in curating a prioritized, organized and real-time pulse on a particular conversation. We’re curious for to officially launch so we can try this for ourselves.

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