CP+B Getting It Right

We’re at the crux of digital + strategy + purposefulness. An excellent post from Fast Company’s Co.Create speaks of CP+B’s POV and I think CP+B has it right. A timely read for marketers and advertisers.


“…these days people also want to know ‘why’. This has fundamentally changed branding and it’s been accelerated by a digital and social ethos. It’s not enough to be great at something or to be an expert in your field. The world is buying your bigger mission, in many cases, first. This has to pervade and drive a brand’s messaging and actions no matter what the ‘media’.” And, of course, my fav part, “It starts with strategy.”

More on AlixCompany’s “Me, My, Why” construct here- http://www.alixcompany.com/beyond-social-media-crap-chatter-2/