Facebook borne from yearbook concept

I am always interested in understanding things from their origins. I did not know that the Facebook name was born from a yearbook/directory type concept.

Wikipedia says:

This article is about the collection of photographs of people.
A facebook is a printed or online collection of photographs of people.

Colleges and universities in the United States often published official or unofficial books listing their students, faculty, or staff, together with pictures and limited biographical data.[1] In the early 2000s some facebooks were published online, offering a number of new features, including password protection, more detailed information, more advanced indexing and searching, and the ability for people to upload and enter information and photographs.[1][2]

In early 2004 Harvard University sophomore Mark E. Zuckerberg created an unofficial online facebook at the website “thefacebook.com”, the forerunner of the Facebook service, out of frustration that the university’s official online facebook project was taking too long.[2]

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