From nervous frazzle to nervous dazzle

So, you’ve got a big interview, meeting, or conversation and you are nervous. Nerves can be good. Shift the nerves from frazzle to dazzle by…

1. Breathing

First, breathe and with big deep breaths. You are supplying oxygen to the brain which is needed for what you’re physically feeling as the result of an increased heart rate.

2. Defining the nerves

Then, take a minute to define the nerves. I often times find that saying aloud, “This it what it feels like when…” assists to shift nerves that are general nerves to nerves that are positive and performance oriented. It shifts the energy from frazzle to dazzle.

3. Reflect- you’ve done this before

Think about those times where you’ve had to ‘perform’ before and how well you did and how it felt after it was over. Hold your head up, smile, and breathe! You’ve done this before and you’re going to do it again.

Now go and do it!