#HCHD2013 interest?

AlixCompany didn’t make it in to SXSW Interactive. Feedback from SXSW included, “Your session was up against some other strategy related sessions that were a bit stronger and we felt this wasn’t enough to cover a workshop, yet was too broad to be a one hour session.” And, the major GoDaddy (my host) outage on September 10th didn’t help, “Unfortunately in your case, the link that was supposed as other supporting materials appeared to be a broken. While this is most likely unintentional, the Advisory Board didn’t know how to completely review the proposal. Here is a comment from one of the board members: “The Alix Company website in the supporting materials is broken, which does tend to put a damper on a solo proposal.”

I’m not exactly sure what the first bit means [“not enough, yet too broad”] and the GoDaddy thing is a lesson learned on supporting materials. As a sidebar, GoDaddy was kind enough to offer me a month of free hosting after I called with the emailed letter referencing a direct AlixCompany business consequence of the outage.

I am always working to grow my business and I had high hopes for having a workshop during SXSW Interactive in 2013. I’m curious who else got the reject note for the interactive portion of the festival and also curious if there’s an interest in a HCHD Interactive gathering – you know, to represent ‘the other side’ [HCHD is the other side of the alphabet from SXSW]. Perhaps we can think of something for HCHD to represent or maybe HCHD is good as is (much like IPSOS which is not an acronym for anything else). Perhaps we can also work together on the concept in an agile and lean fashion.

Please email me at alixmorrow@alixcompany.com or call 917-623-5854 if you’d like to chat this up a bit more.