Good-bye “( ) Strategist”

I love this industry- it’s fast moving, earth-y (organic/growth oriented/competitive) and with enough time-in patterns emerge (and re-emerge) showing conceptual consistency. The good stuff shared along the way becomes more solidified with professional exposure; building perspective and fueling instinct.

The wheel continues to churn the new, yet similar-

Take for example, the “Digital Strategist”– all the rage a year ago I tell you. But now, the light dims and the path becomes one similar to others of its kind. This is likely because of time-in (‘across’ and lack of real biz value) and know-how (‘down’ — why ‘only’ get a “digital strategist” when you can have “strategist” who also understands the role of digital for the greater brand/product/service good).

Good-bye “Channel Planner”, “360 Planning”, and good-bye Digital Strategist.

Hello, Integration Planners.?

Article that stirred my thoughts: