Introducing AlixCompany & The Eight Specialists

After 5.75 years of being in business, it’s time to grow and draw in bigger scopes. Over the last several months I’ve created strategic partnerships forming AlixCompany & The Eight Specialists.

I wanted to give y’all the inside scoop and a first peek at the team and our new approach with ‘just right customized’ solutions. Our intent can be summarized by the following:

Introducing AlixCompany & The Eight Specialists

Ad agencies can be cost prohibitive, and many insist you work within the skillset of their existing staff. And then smaller consultancies offer piecemeal solutions giving you one thing or the other but lag on integration and big picture thinking. It’s become a bit like Goldilocks and those bears: too hot/too cold, too hard/too soft, too high/too low. We aim to change that.

AlixCompany offers the latest know-how in market research, positioning, and Articulation® services providing advertisers and marketers smart, ‘just right’ customized solutions for connecting with consumers in today’s marketplace.

Our team of eight specialists uniquely represents the here and now, soup to nuts, and just right services you’re likely already considering or recommending to your clients. We’ve won awards in our respected fields, clients give us top marks in satisfaction, and we’re fun and friendly to be around. All of this is good, of course, but what makes us great and different is our ability to offer five star integrated solutions that are custom tailored to be ‘just right’ for your specific marketing needs and goals.

Meet the team:

If you would, please keep AlixCompany on your radar for ‘just right customized’ opportunities for those businesses crossing your path that don’t need an ad agency, yet need more than piecemeal marketing solutions. We meet a special sweet spot in the marketplace and would welcome any referrals that you think might find value in our just right customized service offering. We make house calls and would be thrilled by any business referrals you may be able to provide.