It’s Here — My Dialogue with Liz Simpson!

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Click here to listen to the 53 minute Dialogue.

If B2B sales is not your forte – this #Dialogue podcast with Liz J. Simpson, Founder of Stimulyst, is for you!

Liz and I both sparked at the idea of tailoring the Dialogue for freelancers and especially expert-level practitioners. With that in mind our Dialogue covers these headers:

  • When it’s right to prioritize sales
  • The role of new business prospecting
  • The ebb and flow of time-based-consulting work (and how to flatten the curve)
  • Building value-based relationships with emotional intelligence
  • Why knowing the status quo of your existing and/or potential client’s business is so important within efforts to qualify and quantify buyers
  • Deriving ROI for your service-based business
  • Stimulyst services & coaching platforms which include:  EDGE, BIGMONEYTALK, and the You in USP

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Here’s a link to the data source I plugged during the Dialogue on number of freelancers increasing from 17% in 2014 to 29% in 2019.

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