Join me for class at BiGAUSTIN on March 18th and April 16th

Join me in Austin for my “Understanding Your Market” and “Strategic Messaging” classes.

Understanding Your Market

Monday, March 18th from 11:30am-1pm

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Understanding the context of your business is imperative for long-term success. We will start with the definition of market research. We will continue by identifying areas of interest and defining the usefulness of each area for your business. The session will conclude with considerations for continued market research success given the product life cycle model. After attending this session, you will have the proper context for gathering meaningful and relevant market research for informed decision making.

Strategic Messaging

Tuesday, April 16th from 11:30am-1pm

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Did you know that what you advertise, sell, and make money on can be three different things? In Strategic Messaging, you will learn how to tailor your brand message for meaningful dialogue. We will start by understanding the relationship of your product to consumers and the marketplace. After a brief discussion and exercise on differentiation, each participant will craft their very own brand positioning statement. At the conclusion of the session you will have the tools to build and leverage your brand effectively across all forms of communications.