Membership/Interaction/& Behavioral Economics

On Tuesday, I sent an email to inquire about registration difficulty for a 4A’s webinar on the topic of “Behavioral Economics: Small Change, Big Difference: Learn how to apply the principles of behavioral economics, allow small changes to make a big difference to consumer behavior”.

It’s a fantastic topic that I’ve had on my radar given a recent Alix Co. contract and just because I’m generally curious. I was quite thrilled to read about the webinar in an email sent to my attention. However, when I tried to register I was unable to do so. I sent the contact listed an email only to learn that the webinar is only for 4As members. Pooh!

I understand the value of member only shares for effective organization. However, my itty bitty interaction with the organization creates an interesting thought space given ‘membership’ and ‘interaction’ these days. Perhaps it’s just a  simple database mistake where removing my name from ‘members only’ content emails is an easy fix-

Here are two links re: Behavioral Economics for all from Alix Co.:

Wiki: behavioral economics
Paper: Behavioral Economics: Past, Present, Future