Mountaintop people

I’ve had a consistent yoga practice for over four years. At first it was all about trying something new. As I’ve continued my practice, I’ve noticed some consistent behavioral things, some of which I like and others that I don’t agree with.

The bucket of non-agreeance is grounded in a ‘mountaintop people’ thought based on my experience with a few yoga teachers at various studios where I’ve practiced. For example, (1) I don’t think you should have to or be asked to stand when the teacher enters the room. (2) I don’t think the teacher should stand up on a pedestal when teaching. And, (3) please don’t touch me to make an adjustment without asking first. The first two are reflective of the sort of yoga I’m practicing and the guru behind it and the last one is perspective on some of the folks that are teaching.

‘Mountaintop people’ exist all around us. They may have learned this behavior from other folks or they may just be unaware of what is relative, over-the-line behavior. And just to be fair, what’s over-the-line for one person may be perfectly normal for another. My suggestion, whether in a yoga class or elsewhere, is to be aware of the contrast as it occurs. You’ll literally feel the contrast of a mountaintop person if you’re not one. If you are one, you’ll be instantly attracted to the behavior(s) and will start to mirror or more closely observe as to ‘get up there’ yourself.