Reflective or Perspective

Language and visual thought organizers are a thing of mine. I tend to create ’em and then put them in my back pocket. For example, I’ve pulled out a “me, my, why” construct (below) before when considering human motivations and depth of involvement.

me (self), my (community), why (altruism)

Recently, I’ve pocketed “reflective or perspective”. I think this was borne from a trip to San Diego where my best friend and I attended a lecture one Sunday. Part of the lecturer’s spiel was that if you find yourself at conflict, that conflict is reflective of the value existing in you. I think this is off; rather, I think it’s one side of a mountain. You might also have absolutely no correlation with the conflict because you are of a different perspective. That, instead of a reflection, it’s about having a different perspective. Typing this now, I think I’ve simply extended on “me, my and why”- ‘reflective’ lands in the ‘my’ space and ‘perspective’ lands in the ‘why’. Back to the back pocket for now…