SIFTLYnow for Freelance Needs in Strategy

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Very excited to be working (on contract) with team Siftly to lead the launch of SIFTLYnow for freelance needs in Strategy.

Founder, Frank Striefler, says SIFTLYnow taps directly into agency short-term strategy needs and the pulse of the growing gig economy. β€œThe freelance economy is growing and we intend to connect agencies with freelance strategic minds – for every type of need.”

The portal takes the hustle out of finding gigs for freelancers and provides specialized matching for agencies in need. The matching algorithm is the first of its kind and provides a magic wand of sorts for filtering by location, years of experience, category experience, and unique skill sets. It also allows freelancers and clients to set rate matching expectations. In just five minutes (the time it takes to complete your profile) freelancers will be in touch with essentially perfect-fit strategy opportunities.

SIFTLYnow works with account planners, analysts, brand consultants, comms planners, content strategists, CRM strategist, design strategist, digital strategists, experiential strategists, innovation strategists, PR strategists, research consultants, retail strategists, social strategists, and UX strategists.

The site at www.siftlynow is slated to go live before the new year!

Check-out our explainer video for more information –