Social media personas & Aggregating tweets

I’ve been chatting with a smart fellow regarding adding a digital strategy element to the offering and partnering (please reach out if interested in learning more). Digital strategy has been on my radar and I thought I might share a few things that might also be of interest to you:
This was in April, but a good to know about (and free) if you’re looking to identify Twitter ‘influencials’ by understanding a Twitter user’s “True Reach”, “Amplification Score” and “Network nScore” as well as a machine learning classification of the type of user a person is (Connector, Persona). Basically, the API gives third-party users a much richer insight into influencers’ behaviors. FREE.
You will LOVE this site. WeFollow aggregates tweets by tags and then bundles those into popular categories such as celebrity, socialmedia, entrepreneur, news etc. etc.
In an interview posted on the 7th, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo mentions that Twitter’s vision is …
Kara: Time for a vision question, which stumps Yahoo. What is Twitter? What is your vision?
Dick: “We want to instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them.”