Good strategic planning is like…

the Evercare fabric shaver:









Before Christmas I was shopping for some special boxes at The Container Store when I stumbled upon the evercare Fabric Shaver. I was immediately interested because recently I noticed that a few of my sweaters were sort of worn-looking and ‘bally’ in some places. It is quite the amazing little tool designed to remove unsightly pilling and fuzz balls from sweaters, shirt collars, wool, flannel jackets and any knit fabrics.

So, the evercare Fabric Shaver is like good strategic planning because:
1) one has to experience it to believe it
2) once you have experienced it you will not believe that you ever lived without it
Furthermore, the evercare Fabric Shaver is like a good strategic planner because:
3) it understands the context (sweater is ‘bally’) given situation (usage over time)
4) it makes a distinction between good and bad parts
5) in doesn’t leave holes
6) it leaves the situation better than it found it
7) it enables continued usage over time
8) it puts the bad stuff in a savable yet disposable place
9) it’s pleasant to be around
10) it pays attention to (and is largely about) details