Twitter is for the latest

Interesting article on who’s tweeting and who’s on Twitter but not tweeting here. I got on Twitter (@AlixCompany) a few years ago for keeping up with the latest. I think it was spurred by a call from my sister asking if I was near a lockdown. It bothered me that I was in the city, close to the lockdown, but was not aware it was happening. It also bothered me that she was not in the city, not close to the lockdown, but was aware of the happening.

I subscribed to Twitter that day to follow local, national, and global news sources. I follow various folks/business/resources on Twitter for this reason. Following feeds reminds me of listening to the CB. Growing up we didn’t sit by the CB, but a few of my friends’ parents did. I also remember being very young and in the car with folks who had CB radios and using the CB for family roadtrips when we had a few cars and wanted to keep up with one another.

Twitter is for the latest. Tweeting might be for something else.