Upcoming Dialogue with Jacob Henderson, CEO & Co-founder of WindowLikr

I’m excited to share the questions presented to Jacob Henderson, CEO and Co-founder, of WindowLikr for our next AlixCompany Dialogue.

WindowLikr provides a software-based platform for interactive video that seamlessly integrates a brand’s diverse content and analytics data streams. WindowLikr’s elegant and intuitive user interface finally allows natural consumer-interaction with objects in streaming video, and because WindowLikr has been engineered with the mobile device in mind content creators can be assured their content will reach its intended audience.

WindowLikr will be featured at CE Week in New York City, June 23rd through June 27th. AlixCompany talks with Jacob about CE Week and about the development of WindowLikr in a soon to be posted Dialogue where the following questions were presented and discussed:

  • Share with us, how was the idea for WindowLikr born?
  • Who benefits from using WindowLikr? And, why is that?
  • What is the advertising or ‘for sales’ value? How will WindowLikr assist advertisers and marketers in advertising/marketing efforts?
  • What’s the human component? With mobile, technology, and data converging- what’s ‘the people part’ of WindowLikr?
  • CE Week is approaching in New York and starting on June 23rd. Share with us- what are you most excited to experience at this conference? And, what can attendees expect from WindowLikr?