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We’re live! Today! Super exciting. www.siftlynow.com

Is SIFTLYnow.com on your radar? It should be here’s why:

Aside from being the first to focus solely on freelance gig matching for Strategists, SIFTLYnow.com also covers for general and specific roles and skills.

There are 15 total roles, areas of specialization if you will, that Strategists can pick from – each Strategist can self-identify with up to 5. The roles include:  account planners, analysts, brand consultants, communication planners, content strategists, CRM strategist, design strategists, digital strategists, experiential strategists, innovation strategists, PR strategists, research consultants, retail strategists, social strategists, and UX strategists.

Additionally, there are 39 skill categories to pick from including analytics and reporting, brainstorming and ideation, case study development, copy testing, customer journey mapping, go-to market planning, persona development, qualitative research, quantitative research, social listening, UX strategy, and many more!

Check it out at www.siftlynow.com and please reach out if I can answer any questions.