Sharing Some Know-How as a Branding Panelist

🔥 HOT TOPIC! Check out the recording from a branding panel I was on in July, hosted by the Austin Retail & eCommerce Group:

We chat up where to start with branding, why care about branding, branding misconceptions, most important bits to branding, impact of COVID, data + branding, and branding predictions for the next few years.

Thanks again Lori Appleman and AJ Davis for having me.










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Best read yet IMO on this hot topic of Branding. Nicely said, Tom Roach.

The Wrong and the Short of it, published by Tom Roach on July 17, 2020:

Nuggets pulled directly from the post to spark your interest in reading the full post:

…There are irresistible pressures pulling marketers towards the short term. And there’s also a huge asymmetry in terms of accessibility to ‘performance’ channels vs ‘brand-building’ channels. Google, Facebook, Amazon and other platforms have given millions of businesses of every size and type, easy, self-service access to a giant direct response advertising eco-system. And this universal accessibility is also ensuring there’s a ready and growing supply of ‘performance’ marketing specialists and a dwindling supply of ‘brand’ marketing specialists – a factor that further exacerbates the divide.

…It’s never been more important to make every marketing $ work as hard as it possibly can. We’ve never been more aware that without short-term success there may not even be a long-term for some of our brands. And the best way of securing both will be to embrace the fertile middle-ground that lies in combining the power of short and long-term effects…

…It’s important to say that long-term growth isn’t just achieved by adding up a series of short-term effects. It’s more complicated than simply being additive: it’s a multiplicative, compound effect, which starts slowly but strengthens over time. And whilst all long-term growth actually has roots in the short term, only some kinds of short-term activity also lead to long-term results.

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Texas Hold ‘Em is Just Like Good Strategic Planning…

This ‘Freakonomics’ podcast posted got me thinking. I thought you might also enjoy it.

Host Steven Dubner interviews Maria Konnikova about her new book, The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and WinThe book chronicles Konnikova’s journey from poker novice to poker professional. What I liked about it (and why I purchased the book just after listening) is the relevance for our business. Our business is seemingly just like poker; with psychological components and also frameworks. Too much ‘data-head’ and you’re playing chess, too much chance without any framework and you’re playing roulette. Poker sits nicely in the middle with both frameworks for solutions and human observational elements – just like good strategic planning! The title needs more work IMO, but that’s another conversation.

Check out the podcast and transcript here:


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Austin Job Opportunities

Austin job opportunities published by Austin Chamber of Commerce:

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Nolan Ryan PSA: “Don’t Be a Knucklehead”

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Join me this coming Thursday, the 16th at 12noon CT, for an online panel about Retail and eCommerce Branding – gonna be a good one hosted by the Austin Retail & eCommerce Group.

RSVP here:
Branding Panel

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