Monthly Archives: September 2010

Social behaviors are shifting

A report from Forrester also finds that behaviors online are shifting- The executive summary states (verbatim): While social technology behaviors are at the center of many strategy discussions around the globe, the focus should be on the changes in consumers’ adoption of these behaviors. Consumers continue to sign up for and interact on social networking […]

Come together, right now, over social media

Curate, collect, and prioritize online content with PSFK says: Proposing to help resolve the need for real-time curation is, a soon-to-launch Twitter curation tool that facilitates cataloging and sharing collections of messages on any topic. How it works: create a collection (say, ‘networked objects’) and drag related Tweets into it, or use the service’s […]

Dear ambitious ones

I awoke this morning to a newslettered note from The Cool Hunter (TCH). It’s a nice read and I thought I would share- “Why do you read TCH? Does it inspire you to create, start a business, design a product, improve an idea? Does it make you want to innovate or imitate? Does it inspire you […]

Public Privacy

I’ve compiled some reading on this topic. All content in this post has been pulled or directed from Jeff Jarvis’ blog BuzzMachine. Jeff Jarvis is hot on the topic presenting the benefits of publicness in his new book, Public Parts (due out in 2011). He believes in our current privacy mania we are not talking enough about […]

We’re building latent connections

I recently signed up for the SmartBrief on Social Media and already I can tell that the timeliness of my social media know-how is increasing. Here’s a taste of what you’re in for if you subscribe to the SmartBrief… First: Twitter plans to roll out a free real-time analytics dashboard in the fourth quarter. The phased rollout will show […]

“Bridging the gap between Agencies and Startups”

Perhaps time for a Quick Link tab re:bridging the gap on this blog… I happened upon this recent presentation from John Keehler- I especially liked the ‘tied to concept’ talk and ‘by-products, not just products’ mention. TOPIC: Bridging the Gap between Agencies and Startups WHO: John Keehler, Principal, Digital Strategy at Click Here DESCRIPTION: Startups are tech-savvy, […]