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In town for SXSW? A few favorites…

It’s always nice to have local recommendations- here are my Austin favorites: 1) Bacon Excellent for all meals, get there early for breakfast. Substitute a ‘dropped biscuit’ for the toast if ordering the All American. Fountain Big Red soda! 2) Barley Swine “Barley Swine, by Chef Bryce Gilmore, is cleverly named for the chef’s fondness […]

An insight for building creative teams

I like to talk about Planning. It’s fun and there’s really no wrong angle as Planning differs so much from agency to agency / client to client / region to region / team to team / and person to person. My guess as to ‘why’ is a Planner’s answer- it’s likely reflective of one’s surroundings. However, I […]

Having muddles doing

This article may be one of the first to highlight why a ‘more is more’ strategy deters from objective-based, value laden action. I’ve spoken before about how we can start to move away from ‘crap chatter’ in social media. This article adds science to that  mix:  “To the extent that people rely on information that’s easily available, they may rely on it to the exclusion […]

Metals & Symbols

(click to enlarge) Posted on FB by The Roxy Theatre

AlixCompany Referral Month- Earn 10% Commission

Starting on Monday, February 20th and lasting through March 20th, AlixCompany will be offering a 10% commission for all referred & secured contract work during that time frame. Our clients are advertisers and marketers and we are looking to expand our client base. Click here for a full listing of our services. Please reach out if you would […]

How Planners Help

Good strategic planning is art plus science. At the core, Planners are about understanding and uncovering the opportunity of a product/service/brand in context- consumer context (and product and marketplace context). Planning does not exist in isolation, though. It also reflects needs and wants of the client, leadership, and management. The infographic below was created to show the dimensions of strategic planning; […]