Monthly Archives: October 2010

Reflective or Perspective

Language and visual thought organizers are a thing of mine. I tend to create ’em and then put them in my back pocket. For example, I’ve pulled out a “me, my, why” construct (below) before when considering human motivations and depth of involvement. me (self), my (community), why (altruism) Recently, I’ve pocketed “reflective or perspective”. […]

Walmart and Price and CrowdSaver

Walmart and price and CrowdSaver I teach two classes, Strategic Messaging and Market Research, through a local nonprofit called BiGAUSTIN. Attendees are budding entrepreneurs and/or recent start-ups. Yesterday, during Strategic Messaging, the topic of differentiating towards price came up. I love this topic! Why? Because Walmart makes the perfect example for what being about price […]

Spend Shift is Here …

I picked up my copy at the bookstore on Monday and am now (really) reading it. Yesterday, I received the following email from John and I thought I would share: I’m very pleased to announce the release of my latest book, Spend Shift: How The Post-Crisis Values Revolution is Changing The Way We Buy, Sell […]

Top Internet Trackers and Where the Data is Going

The Wall Street Journal’s What They Know series documents new, cutting-edge uses of Internet-tracking technology. The Journal analyzed the tracking files installed on people’s computers by the 50 most popular U.S. websites, plus The Journal also built an “exposure index” — to determine the degree to which each site exposes visitors to monitoring — […]

Dialogue with Clay Langdon

AlixCompany Dialogue Clay Langdon (Recorded Dialogue is 23 minutes) Our second Dialogue has been completed and this takes us beyond the one hit wonder. I am so very excited to share with you the Alix Co. Consulting Dialogue with Clay Langdon, Brand Strategy and Experience Development Director at McGarrah Jessee in Austin, Texas. Clay and […]

Rock & Recycle at ACL Festival

A free T-shirt is all it took to get people pick-up trash during the three day ACL music festival this past weekend. People who filled a bag with cans and plastic bottles could trade it in for an ACL T-shirt at Rock and Recycle.