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“Taking Social Media from Talk to Action”

An excellent read form HBR Analytic Services: The New Conversation:  Taking Social Media from Talk to Action From the executive summary: – many still say social media is an experiment, as they try to understand how to best use the different channels, gauge their effectiveness, and integrate social media into their strategy. – many companies have […]

Engagement on all levels is not a good social media strategy

Stumbled across a blog entry from eConsultancy by Matt Owen. I thought I might post it because it articulates the space we’re in with social media — “be everywhere” versus “be where it’s most strategically relevant”. I’ve pulled a few nuggets and have also given a POV as warranted. – Regardless of platform, audience, subject […]

“The rules people claim are changing are the ones they should’ve ignored all along.” – Lee Clow’s Beard

How good research can lead to great innovations

John Kolko at Thinktiv talks about how good research can lead to great innovations in an article from Fast Company’s Co.Design. I’ve pulled the paragraphs below directly from the article. You might also be interested in signing up for the newsletter (sign-up box at the bottom of the linked FastCoDesign and article pages). “Design synthesis — the process […]

PSFK presents Future of Mobile Tagging Reports

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: PSFK presents Future Of Mobile Tagging Report View more presentations from PSFK.

Social media personas & Aggregating tweets

I’ve been chatting with a smart fellow regarding adding a digital strategy element to the offering and partnering (please reach out if interested in learning more). Digital strategy has been on my radar and I thought I might share a few things that might also be of interest to you: This was in April, […]