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Coming Soon – Susie Perez Dialogues with Lisa Solomon of Atheneum Collective

This just in!… Lisa Solomon of Atheneum Collective has agreed to Dialogue with Susie Perez later this month! Stay tuned for more info and checkout previous Dialogue podcasts here:

My Dialogue with Aliza Sherman — is Here!!

  Today I had pleasure of speaking with Aliza Sherman about the book she recently co-authored, Cannabis & CBD for Health & Wellness. Not only is the book hot off the press (it just hit the shelves on June 4), it’s also aligned with our intent of these Dialogue Podcasts – to independently highlight people […]

Coming Soon — My Dialogue with Aliza Sherman

This just in – Aliza Sherman, author of “Cannabis & CBD for Health & Wellness“, has agreed to Dialogue with me on the 18th! The book is hot off the press as of Tuesday. Check it out here:

Hey Lover … I Love You Just The Way You Are

Guest blogger:  Tyrone Takami Tyrone Takami is a contributing Account Planner at AlixCompany. He’s been working directly with Alix for several months and is a unique thinker. We thought you might enjoy a few thoughts from Tyrone. This post shares more on listening, our ignorances, and how we can tap into (and out of) both […]

Dialogue with Christian Madsbjerg

Tyrone Takami has completed another great Dialogue in our ‘Hey Algorithms Meet Biorhythms’ series! The series was largely inspired by the book Sensemaking: The Power of the Humanities in the Age of the Algorithm. Today, Tyrone had the pleasure of speaking with the book’s author, Christian Madsbjerg. Christian is Co-founder and Senior Partner at ReD […]

Dialogue with Graham Hall

We’ve been exploring the disconnect between big data and deep insights and came upon Graham Hall‘s essay entitled, “Putting the Analogue Back into Insight” which is brilliant, like all of his writing really, because it gives a foundation and grounding on the subject. I want to invite you spend the next 30 minutes with Tyrone […]