AlixCompany LLC

When I first starting consulting in the down economy I was not sure work would come; when it did I thought I was lucky. Luck turned into consistent business and this has enabled growth. While shift just happens, growth tends to be planned.

Over the course of Alix Co. Consulting’s three years, I have realized a marketplace opportunity for strategy and strategic planning. There are so many variables today when considering consumer communications. A good portion of the information being published lends to “the message is the message” or “be everywhere”. AlixCompany disagrees. We believe you should be where it is most strategically relevant. We believe you should center on strategy.

It is our goal to offer marketers and advertisers smart, customized solutions for understanding and connecting with consumers in today’s marketplace. The ‘rules’ for long term-success still apply; the opportunity exists in applying those foundational principles in today’s marketplace- a classically eclectic approach, if you will.

The time for strategic planning has never been more apparent and relevant and I am pleased to share with you here the first expression of the new company- new name, logo, and tagline. I look forward to sharing all of it with you as it becomes shareable.