Dan Carlton
Founding Partner, The PARAGRAPH Project & Founder, PlannerU
Topic:  The who, what, and why of PlannerU (PlannerU.com)
August 28, 2018
30 minutes
Dan Carlton Dialogue (click here)


———- Dialogues Before 2018 —————

Jacob Henderson
CEO & Co-founder at WindowLikr
Topics:  WindowLikr + “Mobilizing Interactive Video” and CE Week
June 16th
20 minutes
Jacob Henderson dialogue (click here)


Chris Kocek
CEO & Founder at Gallant
Topics:  his new book The Practical Pocket Guide to Account Planning
May 28th
30 minutes
AlixCompany Dialogue with Chris Kocek (click here)
Purchase the book here
TEDxYouth Austin:  Chris Kocek shares five techniques that anyone can use to see the world with a fresh set of eyes.


Lien Lea Merritt
President, White Label Analytics, LLC
Topic:  SXSWInteractive 2013 proposal trends
March 19th
30 minutes
AlixCompany Dialogue with Lien Lea Merritt (click here)
Link to topline (recommend uploading first before clicking link to audio; we’ve used this as the backdrop for our conversation)


Nancy Tag
Media and Communication Arts Chair, Professor, AD/PR, City College of New York & author of the recently published book, Ad Critique
Topics: Ad Critique and ad critique
March 9th
20 minutes
Purchase Ad Critique here
AlixCompany Dialogue with Nancy Tag (click here)


Christy Liu
Founding Partner + Strategy Consultant at Living Breathing / Director of Marketing + Co-founder at Wanderfly
Topics:  Strategy, Wanderfly, Living Breathing, entrepreneurship
June 2nd
17 minutes
AlixCompany Dialogue with Christy Liu (click here)


Clay Langdon
Director of Brand Strategy and Experience Development
McGarrah Jessee, Austin
Topics: the opportunity for agencies today, the value of social connections, and crowdsourcing
October 12th
23 minutes
AlixCompany Dialogue with Clay Langdon (click here)


Aki Spicer
Director of Digital Strategy
Fallon, Minneapolis
Topic: Socializing Digital
July 26th
36 minutes
AlixCompany Dialogue with Aki Spicer (click here)


Special thanks to Geoff Moskowitz of Fat Cat Productions, LLC for audio production services.