Networking know-how: the name tag

This past fall and summer, I contracted a brilliant University of Texas Grad Student to intern with AlixCompany. She asked if we could network together and I was more than willing. This post shares best practices for name  tag wearing and was created by Hui Wang and culled by Luciana Torres. I thought you all might also enjoy the read:

The name tag at a networking event is very important as it easily allows others to address you. Below are some details to think about when preparing name tags in advance:

  • Magnetic-backed

Preparing a magnetic-backed name tag prevents clothing from being damaged by a pin or sticky back.

  •  Lanyards

Special attention should be paid when you are offered a name tag with a cord or lanyard, since it easily turns over. You may need to find a way to fasten it or have your information on both sides of the card. Also, if the lanyard is too long it may sway when you are walking or may not be visible when sitting at a table. A simple solution is to shorten it to a proper length.

  •  Easy to read

Your name tag is not a business card. Keep it simple and make sure important information, such as your name and business, is prominent. Avoid name tags with overly thick borders, unnecessary clutter, or too much text. If possible, test the font size and color to guarantee everyone can read it from a certain distance. The safest design is black or dark blue font on white background. Also, printed text is easier to read and more professional than a handwritten one.

  •  Right or left

Wearing a name tag on the right is recommended in most cases. Why? It is easier to read when you are shaking hands. However, the left side may be more appropriate in mobile and populated events (e.g., expos and conventions). A name tag on the left side makes it convenient for people who are walking in your opposite direction to read.

In any networking event you want to be memorable and make the appropriate connections, so make it easy for people to remember your name! With the suggestions above, your name tag should allow for maximum eye contact and be as effective as possible.