Susie Perez Dialogues with Lisa Solomon of Atheneum Collective – It’s Here!

Lisa Solomon & Atheneum Collective_DialogueSusie Perez, who is a contributing planner at AlixCompany, had the pleasure of speaking with Lisa Solomon, Founder and CEO of Atheneum Collective last week!

Atheneum Collective is an educational platform where seasoned advertising and marketing professionals share their knowledge via engaging, level-raising online video courses. Susie and Lisa discuss the courses that are live now, what’s around the corner, who should listen, and how experts are selected.

You’ll see right away on the homepage the company’s mantra – knowledge is power (and) knowledge shared is power multiplied. How wonderful is that!

**Check out the courses at and use the code Dialogue20 at checkout to receive 20% off your course.**

Select the image above or click here to listen to the Dialogue.

Special thanks to Susie for making it happen and Lisa for the proper podcast recording room and allowing us to help spread the good word on this new initiative.

Thanks for listening, please enjoy!